When Hogwarts is attacked by werewolves, the staff must defend the students and the castle against the beasts.

Ok everyone let's split into groups to take the beasts down. -Professor Frozon RavenclawCrest (Owl Me) - Ravenclaw Head of House

Alright then. Me, Frozon, and Dracovich will take the front lines. Cartley will go into the Astronomy tower to snipe enemies. Fang and Harrow will go into the Great Hall to defend the students. Lets move! - Amias Aimery 40px Need Help?

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(In Character) *shoots werewolves with stunning spells* -

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(In Character) *nods and leaves with Fang, sees Werewolves in great hall* On your left, Fang! *knocks werewolf back with nonverball spell* Kat Harrow33px(Talk)


Heads up the stairs to the Astronomy Tower** (This could take some time...) -Professor Frozon RavenclawCrest (Owl Me) - Ravenclaw Head of House

Well, well, well. *walking into the Great Hall* This must be my lucky day. - Antonin Dolohov

  • attempts to pull out wand, but Dolohov casts a non-verbal/wandless charm on him that casts lightning on him, throws him out the window, and leaves him unconscious and injured* - Malachi Fang 40px (Owl Me!)

  • Reaches the Astronomy Tower and sees Dolohov* How the heck do these people keep getting into Hogwarts!!?!?!?!?!? The shield over the school sucks! Stupify! -Professor Frozon RavenclawCrest (Owl Me)

- Ravenclaw Head of House

There's too many wolves! *accidentally drops the Elder Wand* - Amias Aimery 40px Need Help?

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(In character) Malachi! *turns to face Dolohov, horrified* "Levicorpus!" Kat Harrow33px(Talk)

  • Werewolves retreat and a injured Amias and Malachi walk in* The battle is over. Now to take Dolohov to Azkaban. *uses a wandless/non-verbal spell to fix the damage done to Hogwarts. Everyone may return to their normal schedule. -Amias Aimery 40px Need Help?

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